legend has it that the M in MTV once stood for music

Romney blatantly disrespected women tonight and did not even answer the question the lady asked. If we had a man like him in office, women like my nother wouldnt be running a school and changing lives.


Mitt Romney 10/3/2012: “I will create more jobs.”

Mitt Romney 10/16/2012: “Government does not create jobs”

#Mitt Romney’s biggest opponent is Mitt Romney yesterday

(Paul Ryan also said that Romney’s plan will create 7 million more jobs in America)

Mitt Romney sucks pass it on


Oh my god the NOTES

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And that’s why my five point plan is a five point plan with points. Five of them. My five point plan

Governor Romney sure doesn’t like talking about his policies.


I disagree with everyone saying the bus driver shouldn’t have hit that kid.


If you think you’re bad enough to throw the first swing to someone who is clearly not trying to hit you…and he gets up and knocks your teeth in, that is 100% YOUR. FAULT. How are you gonna run your mouth and start hitting him, and then hide behind your vagina when he’s had enough? Women need to stop that shit, and we all need to stop defending it. Keep your hands to yourself. If you’re not ready to get your ass handed to you, don’t go picking fights.